10 Vinyl Stair Riser Decal Ideas (Awesome or Horrible?)


Vinyl Stair Riser Decal Ideas

Looking for a way to enhance the look of your stairs? Check out this interesting collection of vinyl stair riser decals. Even though these might not be the best choices for long-term decor, they can be a fun way to decorate your house for a short time. They certainly draw a lot of attention.


Are you the type of homeowner that wants to draw attention to your home’s design by doing something unique?

Or, maybe you have kids who like to decorate beyond the norm (most kids do).

If so, using vinyl stair riser decals is an inexpensive and simple way to draw attention.

Have you never heard of them?

If not, have a look at our diverse collection below. If you have, have a look at the various design options below. 

Vinyl Stair Riser Decals: A Diverse and Interesting Collection

1. Yazi Stair Stickers

yazi Stair Stickers Decals Peel and Stick Viny Tile Backsplash Stair Brick Pattern Stair Riser Refurbished Stair Treads Decals Removable Staircase murals Christmas Decorate 7''W x 39''L (Set of 6)

Let’s take a look at Yazi’s stair stickers. I love the colors on these stickers, and they have a unique Mediterranean vibe that really brightens up any room they’re used in.

You can argue that they are just too colorful, drawing attention away from the other decorative objects you wish to highlight. But if you just want to grab a visitor’s attention and hold it for a few moments, these decals are excellent.

2. CoCo Living White Lines Stair Stickers

CoCo Living Stair Stickers Peel and Stick Staircase Tiles Decals Stair Riser Stickers Self-Adhesive Backsplash Tiles Decals Removable, 7"x39", 6 Pcs/Set, White Lines

Don’t want something that sticks out like a sore thumb in your house? Then perhaps these White Line Stickers from CoCo Living will be more to your liking.

They may simply fit into almost any room while filling some negative spaces in your home. Another reason for choosing these decals is that they last longer. There’s no need to worry about their colors fading over time.

You’re not getting away with using these decals as focal points in a room, but they work great as complementary pieces.

3. 7E Colours Cartoon Mouse Staircase Decals

Staircase Decal Stair Mural Decals DIY Tile Decal Waterproof Home Decoration Family Stair Decal Wall Decoration Sticker Creative Building Stairs Sticker Decal (Cartoon Mouse)

There’s a mouse in the house! Oh, but in this case, the mouse is in the house by design.

7E Colours’ Staircase Decals are absolutely unique, and I must say, they’re fantastic! The decal designs are reminiscent of vintage silent cartoons, which is a good thing. They possess plenty of personality because of that.

I really like how each individual decal tells its own story.

4. D.L. Black Dark Ocean and Night Sky Stair Stickers

Black Dark Ocean and Night Sky Stair Sticker White Bright Moon Star Stairway Stick Mural Waterproof Self Adhesive Staircase Decal Decorative Floor Step Pasting Poster House Decoration 13 Piece Per Set

You’ve probably heard of mood lighting, but what about mood staircase decals? If you want to make the stairs up to your room more unique, D.L.’s Black Dark Ocean and Night Sky Stair Stickers are what you need.

The images don’t appear as clear as you want them to, but the quality is still passable. If you want to use these decals, please remember to put additional lighting near your stairway. That lighting should help you avoid stumbles caused by the darker decals.

5. Eyourlife Brick Stone Stair Stickers

Eyourlife 6 PCS Self-Adhesive Stair Stickers Removable Tile Decals,Stair Riser backsplash for Living Room, Hall, Kids Room Decor (Brick Stone)

Indoor stone stairs are a luxury. They manage to be both highly durable and elegant. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of stone stairs, not everyone can afford to have them installed inside their home.

So, what are your options if you still want it? What about faking it ’til you make it?

Eyourlife’s Brick Stone Stair Stickers do not have the same durability as real stone stairs, but they do a good job of replicating the look. Set them along a staircase with white walls to make it more eye-catching.

6. GMDdecals Dr. Seuss-Inspired Stair Decals

GMDdecals Dr Seuss Inspired Quote Assorted Set Vinyl Stair or Wall Decal [Black] 24" Wide by 2-4" Tall per Quote Lorax Cat in The Hat Storybook Decor

GMDdecals’ Dr. Seuss-inspired Stair Decals include quotes from some of the author’s most beloved works. Because the makers of these decals understand that Dr. Seuss’ words can stand out on their own, they used a simple, white background to complement them.

7. Newsee Decals In This House Staircase Quotes

Wall Decals Staircase Quotes in This House. we Love Stair CASE Stairway Stairs Quote Wall Vinyl Decal Stickers Bedroom Murals

Perhaps Dr. Seuss quotes aren’t your style, but you still want some motivational messages on your staircase. In such a scenario, these NewSee Decals might be more interesting.

These decals feature quotes from the book “In This House.” They serve as good reminders of what it means to be a part of a family. If you’re squabbling with a loved one, perhaps seeing these quotes while running up the stairs will help put things in perspective.

The black and white color scheme is classic, but you can mix it up if you want.

8. Zhiyu & Art Décor 3D Flower Stair Decals

zhiyu&art decor 3D Stair Decals Stickers-Landscape Stair Risers Stickers Removable Staircase Decals Stickers Mural Wallpaper for Home Decoration 6Pcs/Set

It’s difficult to keep plants inside the home, especially if you have pets. The next best thing may be to rely on stair decals to bring some bloom into the room.

I should point out that the Flower Stair Decals from Zhiyu & Art Décor are meant to be 3D stickers. This is important since the stickers may first play tricks on your eyes. Because of these decals, guests inside your home may find the stairs confusing.

9. Fymural White Brick 3D Stair Stickers

3D Stair Sticker DIY Wall Mural Decorative - White Brick Pattern -Removable Self Adhesive Decor -Stair Risers Sticker 7''W x 39''L (Set of 6)

After some time, your stairs will inevitably show wear and tear that’s accumulated over the years. Scratches and other marks can be very noticeable.

What I really like about Fymural’s brick decals is that they provide homeowners with a way to cover up those home blemishes without having to add a design they may not necessarily like. The simple brick design is understated and adds a soft touch to your home’s decor.

Simple can certainly work for design goals, as shown by these decals.

10. FLFK 3D Oil Painting Rainbow Stair Stickers

FLFK 3D Oil Painting Rainbow Art Self-Adhesive Stairs Risers Stickers Removable Vinyl Staircase Stickers Home Decor 39.3Inch x7.08Inch x 13PCS

The uneven colors on each individual sticker do not work well together. It’s an odd design choice. The manufacturers could have created a better product by simply using one solid color for each sticker.

Sadly, these rainbow stickers aren’t perfect, but they’ll do if your main goal is to make your home more colorful.

How Do You Apply Vinyl Stair Riser Decals?

Most vinyl stair riser decals are designed to be user-friendly, so no special tools are required to apply them.

To start, clean the surface on which the decal will be applied. This is necessary in order to apply the decal evenly.

After properly cleaning the area, pick up a decal and start to peel it away from the pad.

Find an open area and place the decal over it. Place the decal over the surface of the step with care. Make sure it’s properly aligned to avoid the pattern looking distorted.

To check that the decal has stuck to the surface, press down on it.

Simply repeat the instructions until you have finished all of the stairs.

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