20 Stunning Photos Of Abandoned Scandinavian Houses By Photographer Britt Marie Bye


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bandoned Scandinavian Houses

Britt Marie Bye is a Norwegian photographer who has been photographing abandoned Scandinavian wooden homes above the Arctic Circle in Sweden and Norway for the past few years. The woman even ended up falling with the unpredictable nature of the region so much, she ended up selling her apartment and moving out to live in the Arctic circle!


The photographer claims that tackling a new environment and starting over was difficult due to the fact that snow might fall at any time of year. “However, having the opportunity to spend my leisure time exploring beautiful nature and sharing the history of these long-abandoned houses makes my decision the right one,” Britt says.



Britt says photography is about preserving a memory or a mood. “When photographing abandoned houses, I try to capture each one as if it were a person.” “Like a portrait,” the photographer explained. ” Finding the right angle, the best light, and, in a sense, capturing their personality.” It may seem silly, but I believe that each house has its own personality as well as style.”



One of the most difficult things of photographing old houses for Britt is actually finding and reaching them. “And then there’s the weather.” “I prefer my photos to have a deeper, melancholic vibe to them, so I don’t like to photograph while the sun is out,” the photographer said. “So if I find a house on a sunny day I have to go back on a day with dramatic cloudy weather. No matter how far I have to drive.”



Britt always makes sure to find the owners and get their permission before photographing the interiors, which is not always easy. “Having to walk away from a great photo opportunity is always difficult But at the same time, it’s important to show respect for other people’s property,” Britt said. “I don’t think I’d be able to do this work if I didn’t have that work ethic.”

In the gallery below, you can see more of Britt’s stunning images.















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