25 Times People Were Wrong But Chose To Be Really, Really Confident


People Were Wrong

Everyone makes mistakes now and then. But sometimes people are confident that they are correct. We found some funny ones thanks to r/ConfidentlyIncorrect. Vote for the most hilarious examples in the comments section!


1. Thinks It Will Cost 37 Million

2. Thinks Pearl Harbor Was About China

3. Thinks England Isn’t European

4. Thinks They Have The Right Number

5. Thinks Solar Panels Don’t Work In The Cold

6. Thinks Boston Is In New York

7. Thinks This Is How Age Works

8. Confused Joe Exotic With Trump

9. Thinks IPA Is Only For Beer

10. Thinks That It’s “Except”

11. Thinks “To” Is “Two”

12. Thinks Radio Frequencies Cause Infection

13. Thought “Fiscally” Was A Typo

14. Didn’t Know The Second Definition Of “Claustrophobic”

15. Brought Up 3 False Claims

16. Thought Starbucks Wasn’t Hiring Veterans

17. Thinks Radiation From Cell Phones Is Dangerous

18. Forgot To Multiply By 100

19. Thought He Could Cancel Brian

20. Thinks Cheese Is Made By Killing Cows

21. Thinks It’s “Should Of” When It’s “Should Have”

22. Thought They Could Make A Meme

23. Thought Dry Ice Was Liquid Nitrogen

24. Doesn’t Know What Cisgender Actually Is

25. Thinks Coronavirus Can’t Be Seen

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