40 Interesting ‘Then And Now’ Photos That Show How Time Affects Everything



History has a lot to tell us, and photography offers a fascinating way to peek into the past. A single old pic, captured half a century ago, placed side by side with a contemporary one, can show big differences.


The subreddit r/OldPhotosInRealLife does just that. It uses rephotography to show us old pictures of places, people, and moments from the past, combined with how they look today. Whether you’re a history lover or a person captivated by the art of visual storytelling, you’ll definitely want to explore our fresh compilation of these pictures from the online community.

1 Usually It’s The Other Way Around, But This Is So Nice! 1980s vs. 2022

Just like books, photography can take us on a journey through time. It’s a relatively young art form, starting with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce’s earliest photo in 1826 or 1827. If pictures from a hundred years ago reveal this much change, think about what we could uncover with images from the medieval or Stone Age periods.

2 Rio De Janeiro’s Reforestation

3 Sitting On Their 1947 Chevrolet In Front Of A Diner, And Then 63 Years Later

4 1887 Queen Anne Victorian Brought Back In Remarkable Restoration (Photos)

5 The Same Whale Photographed 35 Years Apart! Both Photos Taken Off The Coast Of Mexico.⁣ The Recent Image Is From 2020, While The Old Photo Dates From 1985

6 Opening Up The Original River Through Gent, Belgium. 2009 vs. 2022

7 Haarlemmerdijk Street In Amsterdam, Netherlands (1971 And 2020)

8 My Hometown Kharkov In Ukraine 2022-2022

9 Oxford

10 So Refreshing. No Skyscrapers Or Parking Lots In Sight!!

11 An Abandoned Victorian Home Has Been Dramatically Restored In Rarden, Ohio, USA

12 Boston – Elevated Highway Moved Underground, Replaced With Green Space. (1990s V. 2010s)

13 Tried My Best To Find The Same Location. Satiam Wagon Road, Oregon. 2022 vs. Date Unknown. Road Was Used 1860-1930s

14 Point Dume, Malibu, California. Ad 2023 And Ad 3978

15 Environmental Changes

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