Understanding the American Revolution| Test how much you can score ?

    Understanding the American Revolution

    You may be familiar with the road to the Declaration of Independence, but how much do you know about the war that delivered on its promise? This quiz will test your knowledge of the U.S. War of Independence. (Britannica’s article on the American Revolution answers all of your questions.)

    • Question of

      Where was “the shot heard ’round the world” fired?

      • Concord
      • Glastonbury
      • Bennington
      • Lexington
    • Question of

      Paul Revere’s “midnight ride” to warn the colonists in Lexington and Concord of the approach of British troops was immortalized by which poet?

      • James Russell Lowell
      • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
      • John Greenleaf Whittier
      • William Carlos Williams
    • Question of

      This battle for the heights of Charlestown, Massachusetts, was actually fought mostly on Breed’s Hill.

      • Battle of Primrose Hill
      • Battle of Pork Chop Hill
      • Battle of Bunker Hill
      • Battle of Little Round Top
    • Question of

      Why did the Continental Army have trouble staying up to strength?

      • The individual colonies competed with the Continental Congress to keep men in their militias.
      • It had trouble for all these reasons.
      • Farmers didn’t like being away from their fields.
      • The colonists traditionally disliked regular armies.
    • Question of

      George Washington led troops across the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776 to surprise a Hessian garrison at which New Jersey town?

      • Trenton
      • Newark
      • Princeton
      • Patterson
    • Question of

      Benedict Arnold is remembered as a traitor for plotting to turn over American forces at West Point to the British, but earlier in the war he had been an American hero.

      • True
      • False
    • Question of

      As captain of the Ranger and the Bonhomme Richard, this American naval hero menaced the coasts of Britain.

      • John Bonham
      • James Earl Jones
      • John Paul Jones
      • John George Paul
    • Question of

      Which country or countries joined the United States in the fight against the British during the American Revolution?

      • Spain
      • All of these
      • Netherlands
      • France
    • Question of

      During the American Revolution, Britain was threatened by invasion by France.

      • True
      • False
    • Question of

      Lord Cornwallis surrendered his forces after the Franco-American siege of which Virginia town in October 1781?

      • Yorktown
      • Fredericksburg
      • Yorkville
      • Jamestown


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