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Cop Rescues 92-Year-Old Man Turned Away at Bank Because His ID Had Expired


A Los Angeles County policeman went far beyond the call of duty while responding to a report of an elderly man having a fit inside a bank.

Montebello Police Department Officer Robert Josett was answering a public disturbance call when he was faced with a 92-year-old man who was upset because tellers wouldn’t give him his money.

The senior citizen’s California identification card had expired, and Bank of America’s policy requires that a valid government-issued ID be shown when making withdrawals.

So Josett comforted the white-haired gentleman by gently suggesting they take a ride over to the Department of Motor Vehicles and get him a brand new card.

And so they did.

With a little encouragement from the cop, DMV workers quickly renewed the man’s identification. And Josett brought him back to the bank, where he was able to get his hands on his money, just before closing time.

The department posted a photo of the officer leading the man, who leaned on a cane, into the DMV office.

The image has been viewed more than 257,000 times, and shared more than 39,000 times. It has also garnered more than 19,000 comments.

“Heart touching and I love that the officer was able to get him in and out of the DMV so quickly!” Sharon Watkins wrote. “That is medal worthy.”

“With everything that is going on in our nation, this shall bring a smile to us all,” Mia Flores posted.

Bride and Groom Were Born at the Same Hospital on the Same Day 27 Years Ago

“Both our mothers remember seeing each other [at the hospital when we were born],” groom Aaron Bairos said.
Twenty-seven years ago, two Massachusetts babies were born on the same day at the same hospital. Now, the pair is getting married.

“If somebody out on the streets were to tell me our story, I would be like, ‘I don’t believe you,’” groom Aaron Bairos of Taunton joked in an interview with InsideEdition.com.

Bairos and his bride, Jessica Gomes, were married last month.

On April 28, 1990, Bairos and Gomes were the only two babies born at Morton Hospital.

“The hospital we were born at was a fairly small hospital, and it’s kind of the only one in the city so the chances of us being born there were pretty [good],” Bairos said. “Both our mothers remember seeing each other.”

Gomes said there might be a photo of them together from the hospital shortly after birth, but the background was blurry and it’s difficult to tell whether it is Bairos in the basket behind her.

Although their community is small, Gomes said they met formally in high school through friends and started dating as teenagers.

“Because we’ve all kind of grown up together, every year for our birthday we do something big,” Bairos said.

When asked whether they believed being born at the same time was fate, Gomes answered, “I think it is.”

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