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Would you hike 8,300 feet to get to this teeny-tiny cabin


Are you looking for a free hotel room? We’ve got your back… But only if you’re up for an 8,300-foot hike up Foronon del Buinz Mountain. If you can get past the icy, rocky terrain, you’ll find a lovely home with breathtaking views just waiting for you. What’s the best part? For those brave and skilled enough to make the epic climb to its doorstep, this house is completely free.

Foronon Buinz Mountain cabin hotel
Image Credits: Caters News Agency

The mountain peak hut was built in memory of Luca Vuerich, a late mountain climber. Luca tragically died in 2012 as a result of an unexpected avalanche while scaling the side of a waterfall. In his memory, his loved ones and family decided to commission this lovely prefab wood house along the Ceria-Merlone trail. Hikers can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding Julian Alps from here, as well as a safe haven away from the elements and a place to rest after a treacherous but rewarding climb.

Giovanni Pasamosca designed the small but sturdy hut, which was physically put together by 12 hardworking hands. Since September 2012, hikers from all walks of life have enjoyed the one-of-a-kind location, which is only accessible to strong climbers with enough faith to see the journey through.

Foronon Buinz Mountain cabin hotel
Image credits: giovannipesamosca

It took guts not only to travel up to this house, but also to build the hut all those feet in the air, right near the edge of steep rocky cliff sides. Nonetheless, with 360-degree views on all sides, this house is worth its weight in gold–if you’re brave enough to get there.


It was not easy to construct this mountaintop masterpiece. Because of the steepness of the terrain, a helicopter had to make more than 18 separate trips to transport all of the materials. Building professionals, Luca’s friends, and mountain rescue crew members collaborated tirelessly to finish the final 16 square meter structure. The fact that it was completed in just one day is perhaps the most incredible aspect.

Foronon Buinz Mountain cabin hotel
Image credits: giovannipesamosca

This is truly a labor of love, both for Luca’s memory and for all of the other climbers who are sharing the same journey as Luca.

If you can brave the elements and make it to the top, there will be 9 beds waiting for your tired body. While you won’t be greeted with 5-star accommodations, the basics will suffice when compared to the alternative of sleeping outside in the cold and windy weather.

Despite the fact that this house was built in just 24 hours, no details were overlooked. Everything about the cabin is specially designed to help it survive the harsh winter climates to which it is subjected. The entire structure is held together by 30 panels. When you look closely, you can see that the hut has a very unique shape; this is to ensure that it can withstand extremely large amounts of snow.

Foronon Buinz Mountain cabin hotel
Photo Credits:, designboom, dailymail

The reinforced roof’s chapel-like shape is designed to keep snow from piling up on the roof. Furthermore, the building is facing south, allowing any snow to melt and run down the building.

Other huts at lower elevations can be found throughout the journey for those who are unwilling or unable to climb to such great heights. However, no one will guarantee anything for free unless you can make it all the way up the mountain, which is 8,300 feet.



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