Zodiac Signs Facts


Zodiac Signs Facts

Even if you aren’t keeping up to date with the latest trends it is a fact that the facts about zodiac signs are intriguing. It all began with a interest in those stars which can be traced back to the time of the Babylonians. Astrology is believed by many to explain your personality according to the signs of their zodiac. Astrologers make use of the stars to attempt to predict the future as well as the potential outcomes of every decision you make in your life. Many of us are curious about what the stars have to tell us about the future.


Our ongoing fascination with zodiac sign facts has led to their growth in the course of time. The millennial generation is credited to the web-based trend that has rekindled people’s fascination with studying the celestial bodies. It led to a plethora of posts on social media reminding users of daily horoscopes and the upcoming Mercury retrogrades. Many people also upload a collection of memes that highlight the most common traits of those born under certain zodiac signs.

With its growing popularity However, the words used in horoscopes are more rooted in history and significance than you imagine. Explore our zodiac sign facts and discover what celestial signs have to offer about anyone and everyone.

1. The ominous Mercury retrograde happens 3-4 times per year.

Zodiac sign information lists would not be complete without talking about the dreadful Mercury retrograde. Astrology says that the planet helps to coordinate technology communications, information, communication travel, as well as creative expression. These subjects are often symbolic of important areas of the lives of people, such as relationships, performance at work as well as travel to other locations.

When there is an Mercury retrograde, everything that are influenced by these aspects can cause things to be wildly out of whack. When we get the Mercury Retrograde Forecast, it is important to don’t immediately think that everything will go according to plan in our work or relationships, including vacations. As it happens three or four times per year it is a time to brace ourselves for the possibility of. If you’re planning to prepare then we recommend you check for hints from horoscopes regarding each retrograde.

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2. Some Asians make use of blood type to judge the character of a person, not zodiac signs.

In certain Asian regions, zodiac sign aren’t given enough attention like blood type information. Some countries align their beliefs to the calendar of the zodiac and others are influenced by the pseudoscience associated with blood types. If you go on a trip across Asia and you’ll immediately notice the countries which have faith in the qualities of blood types. For instance, in Japan it is possible that you might see people obsessed about products that are promoted using the ketsuekigata (Xie Ye Xing ).

The ketsuekigata, or blood type belief in personality is a popular belief promoted through Tokyo Women’s Teacher’s School Professor Takeji Furukawa in the late 1920s. Furukawa claimed that people could discern certain traits associated with certain blood kinds. Type A people typically have a serious and meticulous manner of behaviour, while B types display reckless and curious traits. They are universal O types show confidence and are socially sociable, while the less common AB types appear intelligent and flexible. If you visit Japan and South Korea, you might see blood-type products advertised in convenience or specialty stores.

3. People with fire signs such as Leo and Aries typically have to go to the gym.

A majority of Leos and Aries we know frequently exercise for the sake of appearance. They do this in order to reduce the passion and energy that we see among people with Fire signs. In addition to their pride, they usually think of exercising among their main initiatives. The environment that gyms provide is also a great fit with the competitive and proud attitude that is prevalent in all Fire signs.

The majority of our Aries sign-in friends are working out nearly every day. This means they are able to spend all their energy on something productive, not focusing on work. To let go of all their accumulated tension, Aries children frequently box or put their energy with weights. While we Leo buddies usually go to the gym to compete. They become regulars after experiencing the excitement of running in the gym on the treadmill. Furthermore, the majority of fitness enthusiasts tend to be females of the Leo who want to stay fit.

4. We have a trace of some of the oldest records for horoscopes dating back to around 410 B.C.

Our fascination with zodiac sign has stood the test of time. This is evident in the fact that one of the earliest record of horoscopes was discovered around the year 410 BC. Cuneiform was the language that people of the time of the cuneiform received explanations or descriptions about their zodiac signs.

In the past, Babylonians were the first to adopt the idea of the connection between star alignments and divination and readings from the natal chart. It’s evident why the practice of studying zodiac signs has never diminished in the course of the years. We’re interested in the potential outcomes of our daily lives based on the constellations we’ve identified.

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5. Pay closer focus on Your Rising as well as Moon alignments.

Do you have any questions about why a few of your acquaintances don’t display the traits mentioned within the descriptions of their signs with the Sun signs? It’s because Sun alignments don’t mean often in reality. We immediately know our Sun sign as it is aligned to our birth dates. We rely on our birth charts to be aware of other alignments like those of moon and rising signs. These two positions play vital parts in the way they define our character traits.

Our Sun signs aren’t dependent on our birth date or place of birth because they serve as our overall path through our lives. Our Moon alignment however is the reason we feel our moods and feelings. Sometimes, they clash in our Sun signs to are the reason we don’t show our real self to strangers. In the meantime the Rising (or Ascendant) sign determines how we act towards people we have met. As a result, we tend to connect to horoscopes based on our Ascendant alignment , not that of Sun sign.

6. Watch out for unfaithful Capricorn and Gemini babies.

Despite being a part of opposite factors, Capricorn and Gemini zodiac signs are both known for their practice of cheating. We recognize Capricorns as being career-driven people who adhere to their plans and objectives to the letter. If they encounter something that isn’t planned in their relationship or personal life, they are unable to avoid seeking comfort in other places. Their determination to achieve their dreams will force them to abandon all romantic notions.

Gemininans On contrary, initiate activities to satisfy their need to live two lives. Like the twins in their signs, people with Gemini alignments experience an underlying duality that leads to problems with commitment.

7. Don’t assign those with Fire signs as your designated drivers.

Based on an Australian car sharing service, drivers with greatest traffic violations have those who have Leo alignments. This is because the majority of Leos aren’t afraid to showcase their driving skills. This is also applicable also to Fire signs such as Aries or Sagittarius. Their confidence in their abilities to navigate on the road often leads to their fall.

Although they are great drivers, they could be a liability when they speed or drive intoxicated (DUI). The knowledge gained at driving school may be removed from the equation when the opportunity to boast comes up. That being said, we recommend against giving your Fire sign your friends to be their designated drivers.

8. Beware of a fake FBI report that focuses on the most risky zodiac signs.

in 2021 USA Today warned viewers of a fake Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report, which was being circulated on the internet. The fake report provides an order of zodiac signs starting with the ones that are the most dangersome. The report is frequently posted on social media, followed by a debating about the signs that are at the top of the list. Prior to debunking the report the report, it seemed plausible because of the numerous articles that discussed the possibility of truth to the list.

The first time the report was made viral was in the year 2018, and the FBI quickly disproved its findings. In the year that followed you may have noticed the sudden increase in people’s curiosity about zodiac sign details. USA Today also supported the FBI and promptly informed the public regarding the fallacious list. However, a variety of websites and forums on the internet describe the strengths of the indicators that make the list appear real.

9. True sidereal astrology is based on the constantly changing position of constellations.

When we look up the zodiac signs and facts, we’re often confused about the distinction between sidereal and tropical Astrology. In the case of readings, we usually utilize the fixed system rather than the constantly changing alignments of stars. The calculators for natal charts are available online and usually provide the fixed setting for tropical astrology. This calendar of astrology is used since the beginning of studying stars in the time of the Babylonians. We still use it to this day because the positions of the constellations remains the same over an extended period of time. It is not known to many that the location of the stars has changed over time since the ancient Babylonians used horoscopes to make predictions.

Sidereal astrology alters its readings and system based on the present direction that the stars are in. The calendar incorporates thirteenth star constellation Ophiuchus. Also, it has the constantly changing relationship of one’s day of birth to nature. If your birthday is between three and a sign the sidereal chart is an amalgamation between both sign. Try using online sidereal chart calculaters to find out the differences in conjunction with the alignment of your tropical.

Some claim that sidereal charts give more precise readings because of their precise descriptions. But, the constantly evolving sidereal system is an astrology that is complex. This is why the majority of experts in astrology prefer reading the charts of natals from tropical regions to their clients.

10. Astrologers were arrested after predicating a highly accurate assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler.

Of all the entries on our list of facts about zodiac signs, Adolf Hitler and his group of Nazis are among the most unlikely candidate. We are also shocked to learn that we could somehow connect astrology with Hitler’s life of turmoil. The prediction of the stars was believed to be a key factor in the assassination plot against the most feared politician.

in 1939 Swiss Astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft predicted a potential attack on the life of the Fuhrer between November 7 and. One week before the fateful date, Krafft had sent an elaborate description about his predictions in writing to the doctor. Heinrich Fesel. Since then, we can see how Krafft felt when his prediction came to pass on the 8th of November 1939. A bomb exploded in a beer hall in Munich which Hitler frequented. Fortunately, Hitler left the establishment moments before the explosion.

After learning of the incident after learning of the incident, after learning of the incident, Dr. Fesel reported Krafft’s detailed predictions for Nazi leadership Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess. They immediately believed Krafft of plotting to kill Hitler and then send the suspect to Gestapo headquarters. But, the tabloids quickly got the news of the astrologer’s improbable prediction. The incident led to Nazis’ further interest in Astrologers and the planet alignments. Because of the attention and his knowledge on this subject matter, Krafft was able to impress the Nazi leadership and avoided conviction.

11. Most American serial killers were born with Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces alignments.

While it is a pseudo-science it isn’t possible to connect criminality to the zodiac sign that denotes criminals. But, a list of serial murderers according to their zodiac signs offers a glimpse into their character. According to an article from Indyweek the majority of those who were caught American serial killers are born under Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces signs.

People who are born with these traits have traits we typically see in murderers. For those born in Pisces, their vulnerability and wild imagination can lead to a violent murderous motive. However, people who suffer from Cancer alignments typically exhibit a rebellious behaviour that can be attributed to murderous intentions. Additionally, the risk-taking traits of the Sagittarius baby are the reason for the likelihood of serial killings.

12. Princess Margaret’s birth was a major influence on the fashion of modern Horoscopes.

As with most of us are, we tend to look up our daily horoscopes now and then prepare for the next day. This is why we often attempt to compare the various methods used by Astrologers and the specifics they offer users. This pattern we are familiar with and love was also made possible by the birth of Princess Margaret. On the 21st of August in 1930 Sunday Express editor John Gordon, hired assistant Astrologer R.H. Naylor. And thanks to Naylor this British Newspaper pioneered the first modern horoscope that was centered around Leo the zodiac sign of princesses.

As you could imagine, the trends that we are seeing today wouldn’t be feasible without something that shocked the public to the bottom. In the past, Naylor’s prediction about the future of Princess Margaret explained the subsequent events that would occur that would take place in the life of the young princess. In the article the readers can anticipate “events that are crucial for both the Royal Family and the nation will occur near the seventh year of her life.”

Although it was not clear what the details were the prediction was realized in the year Edward VIII decided to abdicate as a royal and be married Wallis Simpson. At the time the princess Margaret was only six years old, and was in the seventh birthday of her. This is why people who read newspapers regularly requested more predictions for zodiac signs from Naylor. The result was the emergence of daily horoscopes we see each day.

13. In the Middle Ages, practicing astrology may get you excommunicated.

When we hear of Catholicism immediately think of the faith that is a commitment to be cherished from those who follow the religion. Since its founding, Catholicism or Roman Catholicism was renowned because of the strict values they taught in their church. The Middle Ages, people viewed Catholic values as a form of law. The leaders required baptismal Catholics to orient their beliefs around their religion. This meant that logic methods of reasoning and old-fashioned science were considered to be unpalatable. Naturally, they considered the practice of Astrology as a sinister practice.

Mathematician Aquila Ponticus was a fervent Catholic in his time in the Middle Ages. He was excommunicated from the church for practicing astrology around the year 120 A.D. Nowadays, the sentence against Aquila Ponticus is too extreme for the majority of us. However, back then religious Catholics were hesitant to study the alignment of the constellations an offence that was grave. The belief was that the study of astrology as well as any form of fortune-telling could cause a loss of faith in their god.

14. The majority of Aquarians opt to be professional athletes.

Of all the entries in our list of zodiac signs facts among all entries, the one that mentions Aquarians as athletes of note is a logical one. We are familiar with our Aquarian acquaintances as being those who struggle to keep their feet still. They are enthusiastic and active in their chosen areas. However, we are all aware that too much passion can result in anger. This is the reason for the tempers of many Aquarians. Due to this, it is easy to see why those who wear the Fixed Air sign engage in activities to ease their tension. A few Aquarian athletes that you can recognize include Michael Jordan, Ronda Rousey, Andre Iguodala, and Marita Koch.

15. Benjamin Franklin pranked Titan Leeds by predicting his death.

This information about the zodiac sign might come as a shock to you due to Benjamin Franklin’s known views about Astrology. We’ve all heard about that the founder father repeatedly dismissed anything that was related to the study of alignments of the constellations. He frequently used his famous almanacs to discredit and mock predictions, as well as celestial forecasts. But one time, he transformed everything.

In one of his most famous almanacs Franklin made an alleged prediction about the possibility of the death of his rival Titan Leeds. If you discover the post on the internet, you’ll be amazed to discover a specific date and time of death. Following the fake date prediction, Franklin took the prank further by claiming that an imposter had printed Leeds new almanacs shortly after his death. Despite the obvious ploy, Leeds expressed his disdain for the fake in his own almanacs.

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